Oscars 2020 In Memoriam Billie Eilish Performance
The Oscars pay tribute to the renowned actors, filmmakers and craftsmen who passed away over the past year with the Oscars 2020 In Memoriam.

  • Mad-Hatter-ison Witkowksi
    Mad-Hatter-ison Witkowksi

    I love and hate the Memoriam because while I hate reminding us that our favorite people we look up to passed away, I love how they will always be in our hearts

  • subzfor1shmekel

    Weres STAN LEE

  • Juliana Burrola
    Juliana Burrola

    Its messed up that they didn't put Stan Lee, or Luke Perry

  • Jason Pason
    Jason Pason

    This isn't a good song for her whispering vibrato, sounds like a broken sowing machine, and don't her brother have a life, so sick see him all the time.

  • steven van soom
    steven van soom

    I hate covers but this one is awesome , a lot of feeling in this and what a control that Billie has over her voice ,cannot say much other singers

  • Austin Shelton
    Austin Shelton

    I agree the clapping is somehow more disrespectful than Bille Ellish singing

  • pulaskifarm W
    pulaskifarm W

    OK . Is this the actual dream of Paul's that led to Scrambled Eggs. What an eXhausting and degenerate version.

    • bilisha coli
      bilisha coli

      Not a Billie fan fr but I love this Beatles song

  • Samuel G
    Samuel G


    • bilisha coli
      bilisha coli

      Billie: i'll make the show tonight Eminem: hold my mom's spaghetti

  • Kris22774

    pure trash

  • Sonia Hernández Valdivia
    Sonia Hernández Valdivia

    Hermosa actuación diste Billi eilish

  • Eduardo Buquich
    Eduardo Buquich

    Tell the whole world they now got me locked up in regency ward in Brighton millview psychiatric hospital in Brighton England and they want to kill me because they hate me because I want to be a musician and because I want to be Jewish, please someone help me,get me out and protect me

  • GinkgoPete

    "YAY I KNOW THAT DEAD PERSON" Fucking grow up.

  • David Garza
    David Garza

    not better than paul

  • lap top
    lap top


  • Anahit Hovhannisyan
    Anahit Hovhannisyan


  • aufladekabel83

    2:04 what.. no applause for chewie? :(

  • amine louzi
    amine louzi


  • aufladekabel83

    98 % clap thing 1% u forget this person 1% shes good :)

  • Anna Maria
    Anna Maria

    Oh my god.She is nothing extra, who is she? I dont know her. Copy of madonna?lady gaga?cher?merilyn manson?

  • Някой Си
    Някой Си

    Billie made this song even more beautiful!

  • Thirishavacado

    this is beautiful

  • Gejdi Petriti
    Gejdi Petriti

    Billie: i'll make the show tonight Eminem: hold my mom's spaghetti

  • Thomasthelegendary Griffin
    Thomasthelegendary Griffin

    Not a Billie fan fr but I love this Beatles song

  • Tafor Acho
    Tafor Acho

    I see Cameron Boyce was not important enough to be included actor’s academy

  • viviana peñalver
    viviana peñalver

    No me mal interpreten, pero, entre para verla a ella, no todas esas fotos.

  • Edie Montoya
    Edie Montoya

    Sincerly her voice is not a big deal in this song but I would like to hear her voice singing with potency not this comfy style of hers

  • david dinh
    david dinh

    Yeah the audience was horrible but the performance was wonderful . Finneas and billie did a great job . Finneas plays this sad song so wonderful i cant believe how wonderful he performs it . When i close my eyes while listening to it for me this performance is like a wonderful dance . Billies voice combined with Finneas is unbelievable great

  • Adrián PB
    Adrián PB


  • Isabella Levin
    Isabella Levin

    why is no one talking about billies performance it was SO good

  • Laura González
    Laura González

    To be honest, this song is too big for her... As I was listening all I could think was how great the original version is and how it felt like it was being slaughtered in this performance...😫

  • Kiari Mendez
    Kiari Mendez

    Cameron boyce?

  • Лера Ульянова
    Лера Ульянова

    Напишу комментарий на русском,может остальные будут думать,что здесь что-то умное

  • Rashonna Hall
    Rashonna Hall

    I love this woman so much.Her voice is so rare.

  • Sam Corso
    Sam Corso

    Luke perry was in a ton of movies including one nominated for best picture. What an absolute botch. Buffy, and 8 seconds to name a few. Come on academy

  • Indra Samaniro
    Indra Samaniro


  • Luk3

    Top 3 things that are worse than this audience: 1. Comments section on this video. 2. 3.

  • Kay

    The mistake was putting Kobe first, he should've been last because as soon as they seen him everyone was going to clap

    • gtoss chddy
      gtoss chddy

      Juice wrld should have been there I know he wasn't an actor but neither was kobe

  • JonesKnows

    Honestly quit crying though. Does it really bother you that much....... you dont even know any of those people

  • JonesKnows

    The whole thing was horrible

    • gtoss chddy
      gtoss chddy

      Что за песнЯ?

  • SayiS Martínez
    SayiS Martínez

    A ver, billie lo hizo bien, pero si vas a hacer una versión de una canción,y más si es tan famosa, intenta q sea mejor, o al menos tan buena. Realmente esta presentación queda muy inferior a la canción original

  • mr tareq
    mr tareq

    Damn no clap for chewie

  • Hugo

    Choose Bilie for the memorian is a greatest idea !

  • B W
    B W

    That was the worst cover of Beatles cover ever. And the crowd was weird. I never heard a clap during an Memorial service.

  • Ivan Ivanovitch
    Ivan Ivanovitch

    Shades of Karen and Richard

  • ayu rahman
    ayu rahman

    I thought, they should have included marilyn monroe as well

  • Perigrinus

    Yeah horrible audience etc etc but Billie was amazing!

  • Minh Nguyễn Ngọc
    Minh Nguyễn Ngọc

    Why did they have to clap? And if they had to, why wouldn’t they just clap for everyone? I thought it was something similar to ‘moment of silence’. Sorry for my bad English.

  • AZ AR
    AZ AR

    Billie sing this song chill to my bone , 😢

  • purev khandsuren
    purev khandsuren

    Wooow billie eilish oo my god

  • Johnny Montoya
    Johnny Montoya

    Billie's voice is amazing!

  • Ariel Siboniy
    Ariel Siboniy

    Someone should’ve said beforehand to just remain silent lmao, they started it off with Kobe how were they not gonna clap? And then they fell into the most socially awkward situation I could imagine. “Should I now clap for everyone? I’ll get tired. But now I’m an asshole if I don’t.”

  • Jakhyia Akhmaral
    Jakhyia Akhmaral

    Why am i crying i dont even know these people billie ur voice is so powerful i love u

  • Sonya Fincer
    Sonya Fincer

    Что за песнЯ?

  • gen z
    gen z

    Juice wrld should have been there I know he wasn't an actor but neither was kobe

  • Heavy Dirty Soul
    Heavy Dirty Soul

    can y'all forget about the clap and realized how beautiful billie voices is? i mean yea the audiences is annoying but let's focus to the performance. thanks

  • deli-ah08

    They should have just clapped at the end

  • WntrTom

    Omg they put in Godfrey Gao! I’m so happy! Rest In Peace

  • Norevolv


  • Pin Dan
    Pin Dan

    The applause is for the deceased you idiots. They shld have played orchestra instead of this.

  • dexter bassant
    dexter bassant

    Young artist and the best she can do for a Bond movie is a cover of a already hugely successful song. THAT'S NOT TALENT!!