Liverpool vs Atletico Madrid (2-3 AET) | UEFA Champions League highlights
BT Sport
Liverpool crash out of the Champions League after a rare Anfield defeat at the hands of Atletico Madrid.
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  • safire 1
    safire 1

    Im like if liverpool win im out

  • Darkside Sider
    Darkside Sider

    people thin king liv drool invincible when they beat brass when they playing the worst with Valverde haha they really think they could have beat bars in good shape that is a dream haha they couldn't even beat them in camp not lol the 3rd team in la liga beat them both legs easily haha

  • Crumlish1975 *
    Crumlish1975 *

    They goals by Madrid are excellent

  • nouh mohamed
    nouh mohamed

    Me watching this match <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="634">10:34</a>

  • nouh mohamed
    nouh mohamed

    Bruh llorente causing drama in every season Man city v llorente Liverpool v llorente

  • D M
    D M

    Just a reminder that the Heysel champions league final does count, liverpool have 5 champions leagues, not 6

  • shellsbignumber2

    The tittle will arrive in the coming days, lol. Or months/ years.

  • kev in
    kev in

    2005: Liverpool win champions league 2006: Liverpool knocked out last 16 2019: Liverpool win champions league 2020: liverpool knocked out last 16

  • kev in
    kev in

    In the past 6 years Athletico have knocked out: Barcelona twice Bayern Munich Liverpool Chelsea

  • David McDonald
    David McDonald

    Their goalkeeper played ,unfortunately our goalkeeper didn't .

  • Mohamed Karama
    Mohamed Karama

    Game of the season 😋

  • Daniel Kenderdine
    Daniel Kenderdine

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="289">4:49</a> look under by sport guy flipping off at simone

    • Daniel Kenderdine
      Daniel Kenderdine

      9:48 sorry

    • Daniel Kenderdine
      Daniel Kenderdine

      4:47 sorry

  • Umar Ahmed
    Umar Ahmed

    Adria'n is sucked I know I support Liverpool! But he's sucked,he should go to Tottenham!!!

  • Umar Ahmed
    Umar Ahmed

    I watched it a trillion times!

  • Umar Ahmed
    Umar Ahmed

    Liverpool should of won!!! But they lost!!!😰

  • Fifa Diva
    Fifa Diva

    Love it ima city fan

  • Nana Yaw
    Nana Yaw

    I've watched this video a million times. Proud Barca fan

  • iOS KK4D3NN
    iOS KK4D3NN

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="676">11:16</a> that aged well haha

  • EnzoPrince7

    I never thought a massive Spanish team would “park the bus” against an English team 😂😂😂

  • Good olde Harry
    Good olde Harry


  • ProdSlxm

    Liverpool need a bench keeper that is Acc first team worthy for champions league

  • ProdSlxm

    Liverpool literally just crossed it every play and pray inshallah

  • Harry Elliot
    Harry Elliot

    firmino is honestly the worst forward out of the big six

  • Ryan Adams
    Ryan Adams

    If Alissons In Goal Hello Last 8

  • Emir

    should have been 15-1 at one point. Unbelievable

  • Liam Hagan
    Liam Hagan

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="636">10:36</a> when the missus says she’s home alone

  • Liam Hagan
    Liam Hagan

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="636">10:36</a> when the missus says she’s home alone

  • ralph panyin
    ralph panyin

    This is the game where the virus spread.

  • Yaseen Ahmed
    Yaseen Ahmed

    "the title will be coming in a couple days no doubt" X doubt

  • james m
    james m

    If alisson was in net it would of been a different game but hats off to athcletico

  • 0 0
    0 0

    first time watching the highlight after watching the game, forgot how poor Adrian was. Literally failed everything he did for the 120 minutes he played, we got him on a free and I still feel robbed.... at least karius had a concussion.

  • Ole Gollum Solskjaer
    Ole Gollum Solskjaer

    The commentator: "That's offside" when Morata scored Me: He is just salty that they were gonna concede again

  • Clipz_Default XD
    Clipz_Default XD

    Liverpool: well we are going to win the league Coronavirus: *Good* *Ebening*

  • Elian Otto
    Elian Otto

    Liverpool fans will roundhouse kick me after but Shot taken quickly MORATA!!!!

  • Rizvana Budi
    Rizvana Budi

    My team won I am surprised 😃😃😃😃

  • D4RTH KUSH20
    D4RTH KUSH20

    "Looks offsaayed" No it doesnt mr scouser commentator

  • Sumerloon

    the legends say that the next time Liverpool beat Athletico, TAA will be in crutches

  • Dan Best
    Dan Best

    Liverpool got lucky to score with that Bobby goal

  • Nick Simmons
    Nick Simmons

    Can smell the coronavirus from here....

  • Teddy

    This Video Shows Why Oblak Is The Best Keeper In The World

  • FoggyBobby

    Wow the hate Liverpool fans get... will never understand it...

  • MimicEagle 0373
    MimicEagle 0373

    And that’s Karma for the super cup lol 😂

  • marychid

    I watch this couple times a week to help get through this lockdown, cheers me right up !!

  • ・Charlie Brown ・
    ・Charlie Brown ・

    I thought Karius was bad but Adrian has levelled that record hasn't he!!!


    My God how did we lose this game,far superior in this game

    • Shahadat

      Because Atlético scored more goals

  • AlexLiverpool11

    Now everyone can stop saying Liverpool have had no injuries this season

  • Stefan Neculau
    Stefan Neculau

    99 heading accuracy

  • terah101

    This game proves that the most important position in your team is the goalkeeper. Oblak kept Atletico in the tie while Adrian was the reason Liverpool lost.

  • Fred Conway
    Fred Conway

    I’ve never seen such a one sided game go the wrong way due to a mistake. I remember watching this live and Athletico were defeated when Firmino scored but as soon as Adrian scuffed his lines they found a second wind. Just proves how vital Allison is.

  • Aniq Miah
    Aniq Miah

    Eu Liverpool fans look on ur bright side. We don’t need to play in a champions league with no fans unlike some other teams that will play in the champions league without any fans. Also we will win the premier league

  • ϯ ФҀҀЦLГ ϯ
    ϯ ФҀҀЦLГ ϯ

    'the title will arrive in the coming days, there's no doubt' 🤔

  • Jaun Abbas
    Jaun Abbas

    Ref is blind I spotted at least 4 5 fouls for Liverpool athletico are dirty

  • Athel_Wolf

    ‘Anfield on European night’ is one of the biggest fallacy’s in football.

  • Malik Zain
    Malik Zain

    Simeone masterclass

  • Mohsin Hamid
    Mohsin Hamid

    Hala Madrid 🤍

  • Marlon Blade
    Marlon Blade

    Oh how little we knew what life would be like post match...

  • Ark angel Michael
    Ark angel Michael

    This game possibly infected Liverpool city with virus 🦠

  • Ark angel Michael
    Ark angel Michael

    🦠😡 🦠

  • Dina Begum
    Dina Begum

    Welcome to anfield

  • E C
    E C

    As a Manchester United fan I’m crying... IN LAUGHTER HAHAHAHAH

  • Matt Lewis
    Matt Lewis

    Wow oblak had a cracking game.

  • O5c4r_ R053
    O5c4r_ R053

    This game shouldn’t have gone ahead

  • Luke Burton
    Luke Burton

    lmao every single goal Atleti scored the commentators made up an excuse or blamed the keeper, everytime liverpool scored the commentators go crazy.

  • Eden Eden
    Eden Eden

    It’s a bit unfair on the Liverpool keeper. It was he’s mistake for the first goal, but the second goal he couldn’t do anything as the Liverpool players blocked he’s view and the shot was powerful and accurate. Third one was a one on one.

  • Oliver McPherson
    Oliver McPherson

    McManaman is just the worst.

  • Ryan McGuinness
    Ryan McGuinness

    Watched this with Gools, on his phone, in the Hilton canteen. I was eating pizza.

  • Alfredo Morelos
    Alfredo Morelos

    Oblak sum goal keeper

  • William Hobbs
    William Hobbs

    Why do people blame Adrian, Liverpool’s defence was shocking. People need to stop sucking off Van Djik and see the man just backs off constantly - no wonder nobody dribbles past him, he doesn’t tackle anyone 😂

  • 22jf22 Rr
    22jf22 Rr


  • James Beattie
    James Beattie

    Commentator:- "The title will arrive in the coming days there's no doubt" Covid-19:- Hold my beer Too bad LOSERpool 😂😂😂

  • Pack3r_23_07

    Ngl the commentator is so biased for Liverpool

  • Tyrone Wayne Cornwall
    Tyrone Wayne Cornwall

    I have and both ain’t my teams lol

  • The Legend
    The Legend

    It’s been 2 months since we had champions league football 😭

  • Karol N
    Karol N

    The day 3000 atheltico fans brought covid 19 to Liverpool

  • abz blair
    abz blair

    “The title will arrive in the coming days” Coronavirus: hahaha

  • brad mcewan
    brad mcewan

    “The title will arrive in the coming days no doubt”

  • Just Calum
    Just Calum

    Lol how bad are Liverpool use will never go unbeaten in prem on the arsenal Can do that 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Micha Mash
    Micha Mash

    This is the game that brought Covid-19 into England. There was a Lockdown in Spain but Atletico Madrid fans were allowed to travel.

  • Freddie Thomson
    Freddie Thomson

    Title will come in the next coming days Not so sure about that anymore 😂

  • TheGamingAardvark 150
    TheGamingAardvark 150

    COMMENTATOR: “The title will come in the coming days, there’s no doubt” COVID 19: Hold my beer....

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